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Turn to the medical professionals at Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood for all your unique surgical needs! Our physicians specialize in general, vascular, & thoracic procedures, as well as vein repair, & deliver an easy personalized experience you can trust.

General Surgery-2--Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood

General Surgery

Surgical Associates of Venice and Englewood provides a full range of general surgical services for a broad variety of issues.

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Vascular Surgery-Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood

Vascular Surgery

Our board-certified physicians can supply the type of minimally-invasive surgical services to fix vein issues and arteries, fully and efficiently. Learn more about what we can do by clicking below.

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Thoracic Surgery-Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood

Thoracic Surgery

The staff at Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood heals maladies of the chest with the latest thoracic procedures and treatments. To find out more about these surgical capabilities, click the link below.

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Vein Repair

Our non-invasive vein repair treatments require no incisions or surgeries at all. We treat them with the latest in radiofrequency technology and simple, nearly painless injections. Click the link below to find out more.

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Why Choose Us

We are community-based physicians who were all trained at major university centers in the United States. We have a cutting-edge approach and offer minimally invasive and robotic procedures. We also care for patients with medical conditions ranging from complex arterial reconstructions to treatment of lung, breast and abdominal cancers. Our Physicians are available 24 hours a day for emergencies, including holidays and weekends.